Solvably for Higher Ed

“Fewer than half of college students report feeling they’ve gained the critical skills needed to transition to the workforce.”

McGraw-Hill Future Workforce Survey, 2018

Solvably for Higher Ed

Solvably for Higher Ed

Infuse college-to-career
with problem solving.

Higher Education is at a pivotal moment in time as colleges and universities experience a sea change in learning needs and teaching approaches, brought on by advances in technology, student demands for engagement, and a pronounced shift in required skills in the workforce.

College students are now laser-focused on a future workforce that is increasingly dictating the jobs that will be overtaken by new technology and the skills they will need to prepare them for any and all challenges they’ll face on the job.

Solvably for Higher Ed enhances traditional content and infuses the “college-to-career” learning experience with 21st Century skills that can only be gained through true collaborative, creative, real-world problem solving. Take college courses and instructor-led content to the next level by solving challenges that demand online teamwork and critical thinking – all leading to enhanced learning outcomes.

Higher Ed learners, are you ready to become problem solvers?

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