Solvably for K-12

“65% of children entering grade school today will end up working in jobs that don’t exist yet.”

The World Economic Forum The Future of Jobs Report, 2018

Solvably is for K-12

Solvably for K-12

Prepare today’s learners
for tomorrow’s workforce.

Educators are preparing today’s learners for a wholly unpredictable (and exciting!) future by taking on a more facilitative role as students benefit greatly from learning-by-doing. Advances in technology are exponentially changing the landscape of tomorrow’s workforce, so students will need to become collaborative, creative problem solvers in order to confront any and all challenges the uncertain future presents.

Solvably for K-12 best prepares today’s learners for tomorrow’s workforce by developing imperative 21st Century workforce readiness competencies. This pedagogically sound platform accomplishes this with its digital-first, collaboration environment – similar to Google Docs and Slack – along with its novel, seamless integration of design thinking, inquiry- and problem-based learning frameworks, and constructivism learning.

Teachers have full access to Solvably’s library of 400+ standards-aligned challenges, including Math, ELA, Social Studies, Science, STEAM, Career & Technical Education and Professional Development. They can also create their own challenges with Solvably’s easy-to-author tool. As students take ownership of their own learning through discovery and self-direction, teachers play the role of ‘guide on the side’, as they facilitate the learning process, model higher order thinking, and utilize Solvably’s exceptional efficacy, reporting, and tracking components.

K-12 learners and teachers, are you ready to become problem solvers?

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